Architecture Kata

Architecture kata is a unique workshop – both in its content and form. Its aim is to broaden the
skills in system design and customer communication. Contrary to appearances, it is not meant for
architects only. The software designers, testers and the persons from the broadly understood
business can also improve their skills. This workshop helps the teams find a common thread of
understanding, better understand communication techniques and their own needs. We often use
this form when designing systems.

Architecture kata is an exercise that helps to understand the importance that exists in the software
architecture depending on the specific needs and expectations. The workshop will help you
understand what forces influence the structure of the system, how the decisions taken at an early
design stage may affect the final shape of the system and finally – how important it is to understand
the assumptions and limitations of technology. We will also see how important for the systems
architecture is communication both between the team members, as well as communication with the

Architecture kata workshops provide the opportunity to work in a group on the creation of a
system architecture for an imaginary problem. After presenting the idea of the product you will be
divided into groups to jointly design the system. After a certain time (tailored to the complexity of
the project), the groups will present their architecture, justify the choice of technology and defend
their decisions – both technological and business ones.

If you are interested in a retrospective of the workshop please visit and take a look at Dojo, kata and software architecture