JDD’16 Conference

JDD’16 Conference

JDD – those three letters electrify all Java enthusiasts. JDD conference attracts large number of visitors every year. This year’s edition takes place under the slogan “let’s build Java universe together!” – it attracted a record number of 900 participants. This is undoubtedly the most spectacular edition of JDD since the beginning of this project. The success of this year’s edition is also owed to an important contribution of Symentis. Three members of the JDD Program Council are our trainers: Tomek Borek, Kuba Marchwicki and Jarek Pałka. All three of them were also the speakers at this year’s edition. Moreover, Jarek Pałka was listed as one of the best JDD speakers!

JDD 2016 is a two-day meeting of Java enthusiasts and programmers. A dozen or so lectures, discussions (including those behind the scenes), the opportunity to exchange experiences, find inspirations, and to choose the JUGMajster, and – which is emphasized by the participants … pretty good fun.

JDD 2016 is a series of substantive speeches at the highest level. What did the Symentis trainers talk about?

Jarosław Pałka (JIT me baby one more time) introduced the participants into the secrets of the Just In Time compiler operation, examples of Java code compiled to the assembler code, the use of C1 and C2 compilers and speed comparison. Who was there – knows that -XX:+PrintCompilation – displays information on the compilation, including information about the failed compilations, when the code size exceeds the allowable limit, and -Xint – is a switch switching off the JIT compilation … hungry for details? Take a look here: Link

Jakub Marchwicki (6 tips for you JavaEE project be less depressing) proposed a new look at the JavaEE options. He encouraged the brave overcoming popular frameworks. Motto: our JBoss is our Spring! More details can be found here: Link

Tomasz Borek (DB for next project? Why, Postgres, of course) presented the pros of the relational database PostgreSQL and steps to optimize queries. Are you curious why Tomek appreciates the Elephant? Click here: Link

JDD 2017 will take place in less than a year. Will you attend it? We will, for sure!