27 March 2017

4Developers is coming!

Where do we meet next week? In Warsaw of course! On April 3rd, all programmers are going to participate in the next edition of the 4Developers conference!
23 March 2017

JUG in Toruń

JVM is a topic that can really absorb any software developers. If it happens to be Jarosław Pałka from Symentis, then be sure that it will be especially interesting ...

23 March 2017

Boiling Frogs 2017 is over! On 25 February the Wroclaw Congress Centre again became a place of all creative disputes on the programming languages issues, frameworks, and even ... the organization of the software developers' working time.
1 January 2017

Archi-kata in Codewise and recommendation

We prepared "architecture kata" in Codewise, taking three groups of very bright people, with a broad expertise in Java and gave them a problem where they had to deal with a graphical interface.
1 January 2017

Graphs, vertices and edges in an interview with Neo4j

For many of you it perhaps is no secret that Jarek could bore you for hours talking about graphs, vertices and edges, about wonderful possibilities are offered by Cypher of Neo4j, and why graphs are the answer to all the ills of the coding world.