About us

Pragmatism. Experience. Passion.

Those are the three words that fully reflect the Symentis ideas.

Symentis is not only a company providing training courses and consulting services in the area of
software development, IT system architecture and organization development (in particular the
R&D departments).

Symentis is primarily a group of professionals with years of experience in software development,
who can confirm their experience not only through participation in international projects, but also
through participation in “open source” projects, as well as active members of the local software
developers community, organizing conferences and participating in them, as programme board
members or presenters.

We combine our passion for creating solutions and organization development with the passion of
constant improvement of our skills, sharing our knowledge with others and constant learning.
We base our training courses and services on the real needs of the organization we work for – the
challenges it faces, the new areas it wishes to explore and conquer.

We firmly believe that there are no “bad” technologies, practices or methodologies. There are only
solutions that were applied in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our goal is not only to provide
knowledge, training of personnel, but also to understand the context in which the specific solution
is used by the organization we co-operate with. We work for you to make better use of your
strengths and maximize your benefits!

If you need:

  • our pragmatism – in order to deliver value to your organization as soon as possible,
  • our experience – to avoid the pitfalls associated with implementing new solutions
  • to be infected with our passion in your organization…

Do not leave the decision till tomorrow. We are here for you today!