Code archaeology and architecture

Code archaeology and architecture… During this one-day training course we will try to learn the biggest possible number of architecture verification possibilities.

Course programme:

  1. What is architecture? – theoretical part
  2. Where shall we take architecture from? – brainstorming and conclusions
  3. Criteria for measurement, methods, tools, including exercises.

There are three basic lessons, which we will try to teach you – most of all, but there will also be time for questions, exercises (sure!), new techniques, tools – useful for architects. The Mikado method, JQAssistant, Feather’s quadrant, archi-kata, scenario methods, Restructure, etc.

Please come:

  1. if you want to know what architecture is,
  2. if you do not know how to measure your architecture,
  3. if you do not know where to take the ideas on architecture from,
  4. if you want to make sure that your architecture will cope with this or that challenge,
  5. if you want to find weaknesses in your architecture before the trouble finds them,
  6. if you are not afraid of programs with windows or shell scripts and a few dozen lines of Java,
  7. if you are willing to learn.

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