Modern applications from React.js

React is a javascript library developed by Facebook and Instagram facilitates creation of a user interface. React.js uses its own virtual DOM tree in which the elements exist. This approach gives us an amazing flexibility and great performance results, because React.js calculates what should change before it updates the real DOM tree.

Thanks to those workshops you will discover JSX (and the new possibilities provided by ES6), you will learn how to create your own Reactor components, and how to iteratively adapt React to an existing project. All in a workshop form with exercises.

You will also learn how to build a good front-end architecture using Redux. While learning Redux, it is important to do it in the context of an application that is large enough to discover its advantages. The better name for this part of the course would be “Redux – real applications”. If you already have enough of preparing a “to do list” – this part of the course is for you. We will discuss what makes Redux so special in managing the state of the application. We will build a “real” application so you can see how Redux can handle border conditions such as optimistic updates and handling communication errors with the server. We will also mention many technologies that work great with Redux – such as Immutable.js, Firebase or CSS Modules.

Course programme:

React.js basics

– First component

– Properties

– Events and condition

– Properties vs. condition

– Migrating to React

ES6/7 elements

– Arrow functions

– Ranges

– Default values and gather/spread operator

– De-structuring

– Template Strings

– Symbols, Iterators and generators

React advanced

– Efficiency

– Component Based Architecture


– Basics

– Architectural patterns

– Normalization of data structures

– Asynchronous event handling

– Communication with the server

– Optimistic updates

– Error handling

– Authentication

– Redux with React

– Non-mutability


– Data retention

– De-normalization of data structures

– Authentication

– Real time updates

– Design for real time

React Router

React Router with Redux


CSS Modules

Webpack advanced

Hot Module Replacement

Time Travel Debugging


Building for production environments

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