More than organization of work – Personal Kanban (and other techniques) – for you and/or for the team

Have you ever had an impression that time slips through your fingers? Another work day dedicated to handling current affairs, while other important projects lie fallow? Do you have trouble focusing on one task? Or maybe you take on too much? Workshops based on the Personal Kanban tool will help you understand your existing work organisation. Together we will introduce changes to it that will allow for efficient use of every hour of work. Personal Kanban will teach you smart organization of work, allow for the completion of already commenced tasks, will help in assessing the gravity of the challenges awaiting realization.

The course is conducted entirely as a workshop.

“More than organization of work – Personal Kanban”

Course programme:

  • Personal Kanban – brief introduction to the theory
  • Visualization of work – we start our workshop
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Visualization of everything – create your own “board”
    • Organization of visualized data
  • Personal Kanban – Limiting Work-In-Progress
    • Why do we limit the work in progress?
    • “Pull” Model versus “Push” model
    • Consequences of limiting the work in progress
  • Limiting Work-In-Progress – workshop
    • Improving your own “board”
    • Prioritization – various approaches and methods
    • Introduction of changes and modifications
  • Advanced techniques
    • Sizes and types of tasks
    • Several projects – many involved
    • Multiple approach to visualization
    • Locked and stand-by tasks
    • Task deadlines
    • Periodic inspections of work to do
    • Recurring and repetitive tasks
  • Advanced techniques – practical part
  • Further improvement in organization of work
    • Tracking progress
    • Experimenting with changes on the board, measuring the effects
    • Scientific approach to work efficiency
    • Happiness metrics
  • Useful collateral techniques
    • Pomodoro method
    • 2 minutes principle
    • 15 minutes principle
    • The Eisenhower matrix
    • Feedback
    • Retrospection

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