Postgresql in one day

Postgres has enjoyed an impeccable reputation for years. Popularity of the “Elephant” continues to grow, especially since the most serious of its open source competitor (MySQL) was simply taken over by Oracle, a database giant. Postgres has been occupying the first place in the base power rankings for years. This powerful and multi-functional relational database does not require any licensing fees. Try to make friends with “Elephant” and it will quickly repay you with its functionalities.

“PostgreSQL in one day in one day” is less than an 8-hour course, during which:

  • you will install Postgres and adjust it for start,
  • you will come to know `psql` and you will take a look at its system tables,
  • “you will play” with sample database,
  • you will perform simple ETL operations,
  • you will come to know to SQL in Postgres and Postgres per se,
  • you will configure the base and
  • you will come to know useful tools to work with it.

There are a lot of exercises to do, but after all, that is what this is all about, isn’t it?

“PostgreSQL in one day in one day” course programme:


  • new user, new base
  • Why the postgres user does not have a password? What to do with this?

Psql – basics

  • how to use SQL
  • a sign before # does matter
  • reporting errors in PSQL (that is, a word about UTF)
  • -\d
  • tab tab tab
  • Script import

SQL in Postgres:

  • – limiting the results
  • – connections
  • – Useful functions

Postgres per se:

  • – scheme
  • – database
  • – tablespace
  • – system tables and views and their content
  • – search path
  • – configuration

Tools – both Postgres and system tools

  • – pgconfig
  • – pgtune
  • – pgbadger
  • – pgadmin3
  • – ps
  • – htop
  • – vmstat
  • – iostat

Postgres can offer much more, of course. Additionally, we can discuss:

  1. Postgres architecture
  2. transactions
  3. migration from/to another database, e.g. Oracle
  4. multithreading
  5. efficiency

Expanding the course by the above points is tantamount to its lengthening up to 2 days.

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