Public speaking and self-presentation

Are you afraid to give public speeches? Are you afraid of another failure? During “Public speaking and self-presentation” course you will learn how to speak to make the audience listen to you, how to manage stress, how to avoid certain behaviour, and finally … how to communicate with broad audiences and the media.

Another presentation, speech, or a few words for the media, perhaps? What to say, how to behave? How to design the speech space? How to create a corporate image (or your own)? You will find answers to the above and similar questions during the Symentis training course: “Public speaking and self-presentation”. You will learn how to speak to make the audience listen to you, learn the techniques of self-presentation and body language, the rules of communication with the media and broad audiences will become clear to you. You will discover the power of appropriate words selection, techniques of voice training, you will learn how to steer the listeners’ attention.

The training includes a great deal of theoretical knowledge combined with practical workshops where you will have the opportunity to face your fears and concerns. Thanks to Symentis training course your speeches and presentations will become interesting and substantive.

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