Effective presentation skills for software developers

“The effective presentation skills for software developers” is a training, which will teach you the proper channelling of stage fright and stress connected with public speeches. Together we will analyze the various aspects of drawing up presentations (selection of slides, words, drawings, style), its preparation (practice, repetitions, gathering feedback), as well as the very speech.

“The effective presentation skills for software developers” – course programme:

  • Introduction
    • Sample presentation
    • Different forms of presentation
    • A few words about communication
  • Graphic elements
    • Presentation structure (basics)
    • Presentation content
      • how to organize it?
      • how to work with it?
      • how to change and develop the presentation?
    • Slides
      • should they even be used?
      • how to prepare them?
      • what shall we pay attention to?
    • How not to reload the presentation and not to bore the audience, that is, graphs, statistics, etc.
  • Presenter’s tools
    • Diction,
    • Voice emission,
    • Posture,
    • Using gestures,
    • Using props,
    • Movement on the “stage”
    • Disfluencies, that is infamous “um,” “uh,” “mmm” …
  • Speech preparation
    • How should I practice?
    • Places and communities in which you can operate,
    • Feedback – how to gather it? How to deliver it? How to accept it?
    • Drawing on the experience of the best
  • Delivering presentations
    • What to do before the presentation?
    • Contact with the audience. How to build it up? How to keep it?
    • End of the presentation and summary,
    • The most common errors in the speeches

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